The factory of innovative writing in social sciences (Boris Petric, Centre Norbert Elias, CNRS-EHESS)

This project proposes to experiment with the scientific potentialities of the arts of image and film. Created by the Norbert Elias Center (EHESS, Marseille) with the support of the CNRS and in partnership with the Direction of the image and audio-visual media (EHESS, Paris), the Factory will be a tool for research, creation, production, and training in the moving image as a way of producing knowledge in the social sciences. Its aim is to promote an epistemological debate about the cognitive importance of image and film for the research in social sciences, but it will do this not through an abstract theoretical discourse but by the creation of documentary or educational movies, experimental films, sound recordings and various multimedia devices, exploring the cognitive richness and versatility of technological media. This program will be realized in association with the MuCEM (Marseille), the Festival Jean Rouch and the RISC (International Encounters of Science and Cinema). On an international level the Fabrique plans to establish a partnership with the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard. As a first step of this collaboration Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel will stay one month (November 2016) as invited professors at the EHESS (Paris and Marseille).

Rapport scientifique 2017: Rapport Petric